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Photo by Kotori Kawashima

Yuuna OkanishiChirographer / Artist

Started chirography at the age of seven and studied with Shunko Tochigi. Became licentiate while going to high school. Studied ink painting with Gyokusei Sekizawa.

As a chirographer, she ushers and infuses spirit into characters and express eidetic image and rhythm. She has won many awards inside and outside Japan.

Her faith in creative activities is to seek “curvy beauty” in nature by chirographic technique. She also believes in the Zen philosophy of “Oneness” which would lead the reconciliation of human and nature, and also a key to the world peace.
Presented “Blue Songs - Red Sensation as a beginning” at contemporary art scene under the theme of Attunement.

“Blue Songs” depicts beautiful, graceful and curvy swimming trajectories of the sharks in blue ocean on earth while “Red Sensation as a beginning” expresses the red magma of the earth as human passion. She gives full effort to draw lines to show deep concerns to global environment issues and world peace.

Cooperation for United Nations in new production called “Mantra,” she has started the art project of changing the world with the power of art “Return to True Blue– Mantra” as her lifework.

Being invited many art events and festivals inside and outside Japan for live performances, she has presented a new way of introducing chirography.

She is an artist member of The Japan National Committee for UN Women, and has participated in many UN Women activities.
Aside from her artist practice, she teaches children the value of life through calligraphy and hosts Japanese calligraphy classes at elementary schools as a volunteer.


Blue Songs